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External objects

Getting external objects may be done by special syntax, consists of the at sign character ( @ ) and the vector of arguments.
For example:

var gate = @("messanger","john",0x34,false);

connects to some external system and receives some external object, which will be stored in gate variable.

Most of external objects has type unknown,
which can be used in language statements, such as a switch cases.

Types of the systems that can be connected to depends on the Cind release.
This release supports only local linked libraries, see: Using linked libraries.

Some examples of handling external objects from the other releases:

var gate = @("world","john","placeAnOrder"); // get external object gate.send("Hello", fun(rcv) { host.println("got: "+rcv"); return "Thanks"; }); float t = @("service","weatherInParis").currentTemperature(); fun cos = @("lib","math","cos"); // get external cosine function float y = cos(0.5f);

Cind programming language 1.0.4