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This is the Cind programming language contact page and legal information.
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The Cind programming language was designed and developed by the Cind Software company.

Cind Software
contact us at:,
we are located in Warsaw in Poland.


All programs, components and single files included in this release are, separated and together, a parts of Cind programming language software, and as they are, they are protected by law. Cind Software company is the owner of this software. You can use it FOR FREE for ANY PURPOSE, respecting following conditions: - you can not change nor interfere with the content of this release, change its names, versions, content of files, interfere with the originally obtained software structure, and of course you can not claim that is something different than it is. - if Cind programming language software, or some of its part, was used to produce a specific item or receive some result or was included as a part of some other product, then you should mention about it in the credits of that project. - you should respect our copyright and ownership of Cind language software and the law of the country in which this software is used. - if you earn money by using this software, it will be nice of you, if you buy a different paid version of Cind language software. If you need to use Cind language software in a different way or under different conditions, please contact us to get appropriate permission. We are not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this software. You are using this at your own risk. You agree to the terms by using the software.

(Full license file is included in every Cind release.)


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Cind programming language 1.0.4